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Charles and Ray Eames are among the most influential American designers of the 20th Century, best known for their innovative contributions to architecture, furniture design, industrial design, photographic arts, and perhaps most importantly, pioneers of the press we use today to make skateboards. Sharing a similar appreciation for craftsmanship, details, and taking your pleasure seriously, Globe is proud to present the first offering in an on-going collaboration with the Eames Office.

Based on the simple recognizability of iconic Eames pieces. The ’Solar Do- Nothing-Machine”, “Plywood Sculpture”, and “Hang-It-All” are knocked out of our matte white screen printed ink to reveal beautiful walnut wood, on 7.75”, 8.0”, and 8.25” decks respectively. In addition is Globe’s iconic Blazer cruiser, adorned with the colorful Eames Toy pattern art.
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Eames Office + Globe Eucalyptus Deck

This limited-edition deck is made with eucalyptus wood from one of the very trees that Charles and Ray saw each day at their home in The Palisades of Los Angeles.

Carefully and deliberately removed as part of the Eames Foundation’s 250 Year Plan to protect the Eames House and its landscape, the Eucalyptus Deck emerged as a way of giving ‘Molly’ new life – and it exists as a celebration of design and culture that brings Globe and the Eames Office together in this first project in an ongoing collaboration.

Available exclusively at the “Eames Office: 80 Years of Design” Exhibition at Isetan in Tokyo.
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  • Felling

    With an array of chainsaws, rigging equipment, harnesses and protective gear, sections of ‘Molly’ were carefully removed and lowered to the ground without harm to the Eames House. Each length was then taken from the property to begin their second life as the Eucalyptus Deck.

  • Milling

    ‘Molly’ was then milled into a raw plank material and carefully stacked to then be kiln dried. This drying process required more than a month of daily monitoring to ensure the timber did not split or ‘check’. Great care through this process offered enough raw material to create the limited edition of 100 decks.

  • CNC Routing

    Each section of ‘Molly’ was surfaced down into smaller, smooth deck lengths – and each deck was shaped with a CNC machine. This technology offered a computer-controlled precision that allowed us to incorporate features that echo Charles and Ray’s own designs.

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  • Laser Etching

    The deck top was then laser etched with the Eames’ Dot Pattern. The contrast of positive and negative space in the Dot Pattern offered a high-low texture that complements the need for grip and makes the deck skateable.

  • Product Detail

    The same laser etching process was used to produce an architectural line drawing of The Eames House on the Eucalyptus Deck. This drawing features alongside the signatures of Ray and Charles – and depicts ‘Molly’ in her first life as tree #236.

  • Finished for Collectability

    Light sanding and the application of a finishing oil bring out the natural grain of the eucalyptus wood and the unique characteristics of each deck. Finished for collectability in a strictly limited run of 100 – the first of our collaborations with the Eames Office.

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