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  • Truck detailing of the Surf Skate models

    So Much Lighter

    Made from Magnesium, and using hollow axles, our trucks are roughly 25% lighter than comparable aluminum trucks.

  • Truck detailing of the Surf Skate models

    Lower To The Ground

    Designed for you to be closer to the ground, making it easier to push and giving you a lower center of gravity for better control.

  • Truck detailing of the Surf Skate models

    Quality, Innovation, Guaranteed

    Highly considered design makes Globe boards with Slant trucks the best looking and performing surf/skate boards, backed by the Slant trucks guarantee.

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Surf Skate Infographic

Surf/Skate Guide

This general guide can help you choose a Surf/Skate based on the style of performance you’re after. Shorter wheelbase boards have a tighter turning arc, and a sharper pivot; more advanced riders will feel a high performance edge riding a board with a shorter wheelbase. A longer wheelbase board will have a mellower turning arc; beginner/intermediate riders will feel comfortable with the flowy, drawn-out turns akin to a longer surfboard.

There are no absolutes based on height or weight, so choose based on the style of surfing you enjoy, or whether you want to pump (instead of push) to generate speed more or less.

Surf/Skate Collection
Skateboarding and walking an alternate path is in the DNA of Globe. Our skate and surf teams see performance and style differently than the traditional pathway of competitions and judges. Why would we treat this series of boards any differently.